HAPPYVALLEY, Ore --- AClackamas County woman is credited with pulling a lifeless girl from the bottom of an apartment complex pool and bringing her back to life Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday, the 6 year old's family was reaching out to thank the woman who saved little Rayn Cabral.

I m thankful that Teala was at the pool and had CPR training. I m thankful for my cousin who told Teala that Rayn was at the bottom of the pool. My baby is here and I m grateful. I m so thankful that she is on the road to recovery, said Rayn's mother, Speecheal Taylor.

Teala Galvez was trained in CPR, and her training just took over.

I would've done this for anybody, like I'm sure you would've, Galvez said.

She was sitting by the pool at the Greenleaf Monterey Apartments when she heard a young boy yell for help. She looked up and saw a girl at the bottom of the pool. Galvez jumped in and pulled her out.

She wasn't moving, said Galvez. She was blue, lifeless.

Galvez started giving little Rayn Cabral chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth. She said the girl vomited and then stopped breathing again. She continued with CPR on the 6 year old and hoped for the best.

She started crying. And I started crying, said Galvez.

Rayn was taken to Randall Children's Hospital where she was listed in good condition Wednesday.

Detectives said she was being properly supervised by family and the accident happened very quickly.

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