PORTLAND -- The heat wave continued Tuesday, with temps topping 90 degrees. With the hot, dry weather conditions concerned crews worried of fire dangers within the city.

On Tuesday, fire and rescue crews began patrolling Portland's Forest Park Tuesday, looking for fire dangers and accessibility problems.

Firefighters began driving brush fire engines, ATVs and a Jeep through the fire lanes in the park and planned to continue the patrols three times a week for the rest of summer.

Officials said they will be looking for transient camps, high grass, fallen trees on pathways and other issues that could lead to a wildfire or prevent firefighting efforts.

Crews from three Northwest Portland fire stations will take turns patrolling every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

They'll be taking photos and video, and documenting the conditions they find.

Wildfires in other parts of the state are being fueled by lightning, dry conditions, winds and heat.

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The moisture level in the Portland urban areas is reported as normal.

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