PORTLAND -- A Supreme Court decision on birth control is getting reaction across the country, including in Portland.

The court ruled 5 to 4 in favor of recognizing religious views of some closely held, private corporations. It allows those companies to opt out of covering some forms of birth control under the Affordable care Act. New health care laws require companies to cover birth control for ACA participants.

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Some see the court's decision as a step back for women.

We re very disappointed by the ruling. This means that businesses can make medical decisions about their employees and it's very concerning for us, said Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette President and CEO Stacy Cross.

Women in the community reacted to the news as well.

It troubles me that these families want to be so narrow, but it s their company so they should probably be able to make the decision. You could choose whether to work there or not, said Patricia May.

I m disappointed that five men made this decision and that all the women were on the other side in favor of women s rights , said Kali Jenson. I think that s just an additional hoop for women to jump through and I also think that the even though the people who run the company are religious, it s not a religious organization, it s a for profit company.

The owners of craft store chain Hobby Lobby argued their Christian beliefs should allow them to opt out of providing birth control to employees. Hobby Lobby has stores in 41 states, including Oregon.

Affected employees should be able to deal directly with their health care provider to get their contraceptives without their employer being involved.

It was unclear how many private businesses will try to get an accommodation to the ACA birth control requirement as a result of the ruling.

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