TROUTDALE, Ore. -- The Reynolds High School shooter took a semi-automatic rifle and other items from his brother, a U.S. Army reservist, according to a search warrant obtained by KGW.

On June 10, Emilio Hoffman, 14, was shot and killed and Todd Rispler, a PE teacher, was wounded when Jared Padgett, 15, brought an AR-15 rifle to Reynolds High School and opened fire, according to police.

Padgett was confronted by school resource officers, retreated and then shot himself, police said.

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Padgett came to school with the rifle, a semi-automatic handgun, a knife and nine loaded magazines of ammunition.

Police warrants served at the school and the Padgett home say that he shared a room with his brother Lucas Padgett, an Army reservist. Lucas Padgett stored a M4 AR-15 rifle in their bedroom.

Lucas Padgett identified his guitar case and Army-issued duffle bag, with his name on it, found in the bathroom where Jared Padgett shot himself, documents say.

On the day of the incident, Lucas Padgett said he went to the Wood Village Fred Meyer parking lot to wait for his brother after the school evacuation order. When Jared did not show up, Lucas returned home and found his rifle missing, according to the warrant.

Police seized a shotgun, rifle, ammo and a sword from the house. Lucas said he kept gun lock boxes, extra magazines and ammunition at the home, according to the search warrant.

The affidavit did not specify if the weapons had been secured, but that investigators found weapons in closets, under beds and in drawers.

At the time of the shooting, police stated that the weapons had been secured and that Jared Padgett had thwarted security measures. On Thursday, police did not respond to KGW requests for clarification.

Police also seized Jared's computer, phone, video games, drawings and a journal.

Sources told KGW the journal contained entries that outlined a desire by Jared to kill students at the school, describing them as sinners.

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[Photo: Police photo of guitar case and army-issue duffle bag found next to Jared Padgett. His brother Lucas identified the items as his own.]

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