LOS ANGELES An animal behavior specialist who worked with Portland's infamous 'Lux the Cat' said the feline was possibly the biggest challenge he's ever taken on.

In March, Lux gained national notoriety when he went into a fuzzy fury after a baby pulled his tail and his owner kicked him in the rear.

Lee Palmer, Teresa Barker and their baby fled from the feline into their bedroom and called police, warning dispatchers that the cat had a violent history.

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Now, at least one expert says the cat is as bad as his national reputation.

On Saturday, Lux will be featured on the TV show 'My Cat from Hell'on Animal Planet.

The show's host, Jackson Galaxy, is a kind of emergency cat therapist.

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When Galaxy first heard about the problematic pussy he offered to provide therapy for Lux, saying that cats don't become ferocious felines that turn on their families for no reason.

Then Galaxy met the cat.

After working with the hefty 22-pound Himalayan, Galaxy called Lux his most frustrating case in 20 years.

Galaxy told the TODAY Show that Lux was physically and emotionally challenged and that he doesn't blame Lee Palmer for calling the cops on the kitty.

Tune in to Animal Planet at 8 p.m. Saturday to see if Galaxy cured the crazed cat.

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