VANCOUVER -- Forty years after losing a prized keepsake in Europe, a Vancouver man just got it back thanks to the power of social media.

John Lutgens lost his high school ring while visiting family in the Netherlands during his senior year in high school.

He was very upset about losing it at the time, but had almost forgotten about it until a few weeks ago, when someone from Amsterdam contacted him on Facebook asking if he had lost a ring in 1974.

His name was engraved on it, but Lutgens is a pretty common name in the Netherlands.

Apparently, this woman's mother found it on her way to the cinema and she kept it in her safe for 40 years, said an elated Lutgens. I m amazed someone would go through that kind of trouble and now, through Facebook, they were able to do a search and find me.

He s thrilled to have his class ring back, especially since his high school in Los Angeles just closed its doors for good. He plans to make a trip to Amsterdam very soon and thank his new Facebook friend in person.

When asked if the ring still fits? Lutgens says it fits perfectly on his pinky.

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