A professor who witnessed the shooting said there's no doubt in his mind more people would have died in the SPU shooting had a brave student not acted so quickly.

Engineering professor Kevin Bolding heard gunshots in his office, picked up his phone and called 911.

I heard a shot outside my window and saw a may laying on the ground and a person holding a gun over him, said Bolding.

Then he heard a second shot, this time inside the building.

And I looked down from my office and saw one of my students sitting on top of somebody, and a big pile of shell casings. As far as I know, he tackled the shooter. Took him out and saved us all, he said.

Seattle Police confirm, a student building monitor at OttoMiller Hall was one who first confronted the shooter.

If he hadn't done that, we would've been in much bigger trouble, said Bolding.

He was visibly shaken as he left the building, as were many of the students and staff that were on lock down during the shooting and the investigation that followed.

It's supposed to be a safe place, said Bolding. I can't believe it happened here.

The school canceled all classes scheduled for Friday. Students say this was the last week of school at SPU.

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