OSO, Wash. -- The family of Steven Hadaway confirmed Monday that his body was found by crews at the Oso landslide area last week.

Snohomish County authorities announced they recovered one body on Thursday, May 22.

Steven's brother, Frank Hadaway, said it was almost hard to believe.

We all got called and I didn't believe it was Steve, only because I've heard 8,000 times it was Steve and it never was, he said.

The discovery came on the two month anniversary of the landslide.

We're all glad that we do have Steve, I mean, we already know he's in heaven, but just to have the rest of him, said Frank.

On Monday, Frank shared stories about the brother, husband, father, and friend they all loved so much.

He was just a good hearted person, he said. He took life as life came to him.

Steven was installing a satellite dish at a home on Steelhead Drive when the landslide took place. It's believed the home where he was working was among the first hit.

Frank said the recovery of his remains is a small comfort to the family, but does not take away their pain.

I know he's in a better place, but it just doesn't get any easier. Finding him, not finding him, it doesn't make it any easier, he said.

He says he doesn't know if they'll ever fully have closure.

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The discovery of Steven Hadaway's remains means Molly Kristine Kris Regelbrugge is the only person still missing in the landslide.

The body of her husband, JohnRegelbrugge, has already been found.

Snohomish County Director of Communication Shari Ireton said a Search and Rescue sergeant who discovered Hadaway's remains had been at the site to meet with Public Works.

The active search has been suspended for several weeks. Spotters have been on site as work continues in the area by WSDOT, Public Works and other entities.

When the Snohomish County Medical Examiner confirms the identification of Steven's remains, the official death toll in the landslide will climb to 42.

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