ASTORIA, Ore. A woman from Astoria hoodwinked her accomplice in an alleged Nigerian check scam, but wound up getting arrested, according to a newspaper report.

The Daily Astorian reported Monday that Jeanne Reeves, 43, was indicted for aggregated theft, theft and laundering a monetary instrument, after she cashed a forged check for $85,000 at a local bank.

It appeared to be a complete forgery, Astoria Police told the newspaper. The police said they believed the check was from what is commonly referred to as a Nigerian scheme.

Reeves met someone on Facebook who sent her a check from Calgary Canada. Reeves was suppose to cash the check and send the currency back to the check writer, minus a fee, the Daily Astorian said.

Apparently, Reeves knew it was a scam, cashed the check and kept all the money.

Reeves as indicted on Thursday after an eight-month investigation, the newspaper said.

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