PORTLAND, Ore. -- Madison High School has a winning traditional in baseball. But it just lost an important tool for keeping its field in prime condition.

Someone broke into a Madison s storage container over the weekend and stole their grounds keeping ATV. It s called a Gator, made by John Deere, and it s a vehicle worth several thousand dollars.

Disappointed, said Madison coach Eric Bennett. I know we live in the city (and) things happen but I can t justify it in my mind. Who would steal from other people, especially if you know it s affecting a whole community of people.

Parent volunteer Terry Lutton is the head groundskeeper of Madison s field. The job will be a lot harder now. But he feels worse about the reaction of players to the theft, including his own son s.

The theft thing is hard to figure no matter what, but this is exceptionally low, Lutton said. It hurts a little worse because they re basically stealing from kids. It s an inner city school where we struggle. Everything we got we gotta go fight for and something like this we just can t replace at this time.

If you have any information about what happened to the Gator, call Portland Police.

The team is already looking to replace the ATV. If you d like to help them purchase another used Gator, go to the Madison Senators Baseball website, or you can donate to Madison Baseball at any U.S. Bank Branch.

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