PORTLAND -- Damian Lillard's game-winner with less than a second remaining sparked a new winning era for the Trailblazers and a remarkable region-wide celebration.

I have absolutely no voice, I was screaming and the decibel level was off the charts, said a very tired Heidi Holmes, who was burning off leftover energy from the game at Club Sport near the Blazers' training facility in Tualatin.

At a spin class, a sweaty former Blazer's player was doing the same thing. Darnell Valentine was Portland's first-round pick in 1981 and played in Portland for the first five years of his successful NBA career.

He compared Damian Lillard's amazing game-winning shot to the series-winning jumper by Michael Jordan over Cleveland's Craig Ehlo.

It's historically known as the shot and Valentine should know, he played in that game for Cleveland.

There is no doubt that 25-footer that Damien hit took a little more skill than the shot that Michael hit, said Valentine.

Portland now has the kind of team that reflects the community in an amazing way, he added.

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