PORTLAND -- The local chapter of a unique national charity wants people to know about their unusual gift suggestions for Mother s Day on May 11th.

Why not give Mom a goat? It s a gift with a purpose, said Ruth Nottingham of World Vision.

The charity recently released its first ever online catalog for Mother s Day.

Moms have so many things they don t need. Many may think they need to have a garage sale. These gifts help transform lives, Nottingham added.

For example, for $25 your Mom could bring chickens to a family in one of the world s poorest countries. The most popular is the $75 goat. It can bring milk to a family for nutrition and it also becomes a source of income, Nottingham explained.

For $100 you can provide the gift of clean water, I can t think of anything more beautiful for Mother s day, remarked Nottingham.

The catalog also includes handcrafted jewelry. These items might be made in their homes with a goal of selling them at local markets, she said.

Other presents in your Mom s honor can provide health care and schooling.

It s a way of letting your Mom know you admire the way she cares about other people. You ll get a gift card so that she knows just how a gift in her name will help a Mom a world away, concluded Nottingham.

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