PORTLAND -- Oregonians are already thinking of ways to enjoy this heat wave while it lasts. Fishing boats are out on the rivers and lunch breaks will be outdoors.

At High Rocks Park in Gladstone, Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies have already been watching out for people.

It is the perfect spot to jump off rocks into the Clackamas River and go swimming. But deputies warn it's too early to do that, the water temperature is just too cold still. Winter snowmelt is still coming down and it's extremely cold and flowing fast. That could cause someone to drown a lot easier, officials said.

Nearly 30 police officers from around the state are training this week in Clackamas to be marine certified. They know Oregonians love to get out in the sun as soon as nice weather arrives, so they're learning what to watch out for.

Even though it is a really warm day and it's beautiful weather outside, the water is still cold, it's running fast and running high, says Clackamas Co. Sgt. Nate Thompson, Just be safe around the water. If you go down to the water to cool off, remember it's 45 to 50 degrees. It's not warm. You don't want to be swimming in it.

The other concern is the sun. Skin cancer cases have been increasing every year.

Joanne Eddington, a nurse practitioner with Providence Cancer Center, says even if you think you'll just be outside for less than 30 minutes, put on sunscreen. She says you should be wearing at least an SPF 15.

It's repeated exposure and repeated sunburns that can damage the skin over time and skin cancer can develop, Eddington said.

Buy sunscreen brands that specifically say UVA and UVB Broad Spectrum on the label. Those are the best protection from sun damage.

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