As part of KGW s report on Portland Traffic Troubles, we put commute times to the test live during our Friday evening newscasts.

Four KGW-TV news crews left our studios at the same time, just after 4:15 p.m., and traveled outbound on the region's four major roadways:

  • Tim Gordon headed north on I-5 to Vancouver, Wash.
  • Lisa Vierra headed south on I-5 to Wilsonville
  • Camera man David Angier headed east on I-84 to Gresham
  • Art Edwards headed west on Hwy 26 to Cornelius Pass

After less than half an hour, a clear winner emerged. Art Edwards traveled 10 miles west in Hwy 26 in around 22 minutes, roughly half the time it took our drivers on the other area arterials.

Tim Gordon came in second, completing his 10-mile route northbound on I-5 to Vancouver in 44 minutes on I-5 north. Dave Angier, driving east on I-84, got to Gresham in 45 minutes.

I-5 South to Wilsonville was the worst commute. Lisa Vierra came in last, taking almost an hour to drive 10 miles during rush-hour traffic.

During the test, we checked in with the drivers live and on GPS (don t worry, our crews were not racing and obeyed all traffic rules!)

What do you think is the worst drive? Join the social conversation using the hashtag #worstcommute.

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