PORTLAND -- Tina Fey, not Stephen Colbert, was the top viewer choice to replace David Letterman on The Late Show, according to a social media study.

Users of social media preferred Tina Fey as the host of The Late Show almost 3-1 over Stephen Colbert, according to an analyst by social media marketing company Keyhole.

David Letterman turned the late-night talk-show world upside down on April 3 when he announced he would retire in 2015 after the longest run on late-night television in history. A week later, CBS announced that cable-tv satirist Stephen Colbert would take Letterman's slot.

Keyhole said Monday that the company analyzed social mentions on the hashtag #LettermanReplacements and came to a very different conclusion.

Twitter users chimed in on who should replace Letterman, and there was one clear winner: Tina Fey, by a mile! said Keyhole co-founder Saif Ajani.

Fey garnered 32 percent of the mentions, with Stephen Colbert and Amy Poehler coming in a distant second at roughly 11 percent each.

The study tracked about 2,500 posts sent out by over 2,000 users.

Keyhole posted its findings April 9, just one day before CBS announced Colbert's selection.

Oh, well. Maybe Tina can take over the Colbert Report.

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