Oso, Wash. -- This Saturday marks three weeks since a landslide destroyed a community in Snohomish County and killed dozens. It hit at 10:37 in the morning on March 22. Each Saturday morning at that exact time, rescuers have stopped and taken a moment of silence. This week, they added a special tribute.

As part of the Washington Urban Search & Rescue Task Force, Rescue Specialist Adam Rosenlund has been among the crews helping to recover people and an entire community. This week, he went from rescuer to bagpiper when he played 'Amazing Grace' on his bagpipes.

The moment of silence spoke volumes, as every worker removed their hats and took a break from what they were doing and stood together.

What goes through my mind here are these poor families, who in essentially 30 seconds, lost their world, said Rosenlund.

Crews said taking a moment of silence has been helpful to reflect on their mission.

It's amazing to see the work come to a halt and try to help heal this community and heal themselves, said Incident Public Information Officer Sarah Foster.

Search and rescue crews tell us they will continue their moment of silence every week while they're searching.

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