Boomer the dog, who was found injured in the Oso landslide debris field after getting lost, is back home with his family.

Arlington Veterinary Hospital said 15-year-old Boomer likely would not have survived the cold weather and rough terrain much longer.

He s arthritic, he was cold, he was hypothermic, said vet tech Kellie Bartlett.

The Golden Retriever's owner had given Boomer to his sister when he moved to his home in Oso, just a few miles away.

Boomer went missing and had been lost for several days before he was found by crews in the slide area on Wednesday.

Boomer's original owner was lost in the slide. Some people speculate that the dog went looking for him.

After Boomer was brought out of the debris area, one of the EMT's was able to transport Boomer to the Arlington Veterinary Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries.

Bartlett says Dr. Krystal Grant successfully removed a large growth on Boomer s right front paw.

He recovered beautifully! Kellie says.

His mom was grateful for all of the support, she says. Boomer was wagging his tail when he saw her and was ready and willing to go home.

Kellie says the staff loves Boomer and can't wait to see him again.

Initially it was thought Boomer was a landslide survivor and searchers cheered when he was found in the slide debris field. Even though the dog was not a slide survivor, his rescue gave a boost to search crews.

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