WASHOUGAL, Wash. -- The discovery of more than 1,000 gold coins in California might have a Vancouver connection.

A couple from northern California was out for a walk and found the coins in eight rusting canisters under a tree.

No one knows for sure where they came from or how they ended up in California.

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Now, a Washougal man says there might be a Vancouver connection.

The discovery of the coins intrigued Tracy Phillips. He began to do some research to find their origin.

I watch the police shows. They do a timeline, so I thought it could work for me, said Phillips.

He believes the coins came from the robbery of an army payroll in Arizona in 1889. The soldier in charge of the payroll spent time at Fort Vancouver.

Phillips thinks that soldier was involved in the robbery. That's the Vancouver connection. He said there are some loose ends to tie up, but Phillips believes the work he's done so far is a good start.

I believe the public would like to help solve this thing. Let the gold coins fall where they may, he said from his Washougal home.

His hope is that the coins will end up on display in a museum.

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