BEAVERTON, Ore. - Food cart owners in Beaverton are hoping a change of rules will make it easier to stay in business, and the public could be a deciding factor.

Food cart owners say they are bogged down by restrictive rules.

For one, food carts can't remain on the same lot for more than seven hours within the same 24 hour period. That cuts down on the amount of time a cart can be open for business.

For Erwina's Barney's cart on Beaverton Hillsdale Highway it means she has to pay someone everyday to move her cart and then move it back again.

Also, current rules don't allow for multiple carts in the same location. That means none of the food cart 'pods' that have fueled Portland's successful food cart scene.

We want to make money, said Barney. But, the hours limitation, we can't do that, which is really difficult for us .

Beaverton's Planning Commission is now reviewing rules first approved in 2009.

They are asking the public to offer their opinion on whether the food carts are important to the city and whether the rules should be changed.

Here's how you can make your voice heard:

The deadline is April 15th.

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