Five military planes spotted multiple objects of various colors during Friday s search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, authorities said.

A New Zealand military plane spotted an object white or light in color and a fishing buoy in the new search zone west of Australia, the Australian Maritime Safety Authority announced.

Complete Coverage Malaysia Air Flight 370

A Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) P3 Orion also relocated the objects and reported it had seen two blue or grey rectangular objects floating in the ocean, the said in a release.

In a separate sighting around 360 miles away another RAAF P3 Orion spotted other differently colored objects, they added.

A Chinese ship has been redirected to the area and will get there tomorrow they said.

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV later tweeted a picture of a suspicious object they said had been spotted by New Zealand military plane although neither the Australian authorities nor NBC News could independently verify the image.

Hours after Australian authorities confirmed that they had abandoned searching the area that had been scoured for eight days in the hunt for Flight 370, Malaysia s acting transport minister defended the search effort.

He added: We have corroborated any evidence that we have received and we have made sure that there has not been any speculation. Malaysia has been very consistent in not speculating unless we have evidence that has been corroborated and verified.

On Wednesday, Hishamuddin brushed off international criticism of his country's investigation and insisted we have done an admirable job.

His comments follow criticism of communication failures and missteps made by officials during the investigation.

Families in China who have also accused Malaysia of not telling the truth about the missing jet.

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