KEIZER, Ore. -- Police recovered stolen guns, swords, electronics and a missing dog named Precious in connection with a Keizer area crime spree.

The case broke open when one of the involved persons activated a Kindle Fire that was stolen during one of the burglaries, said Lt. John Troncoso of the Keizer Police Department.

Keizer officers and a Salem SWAT team served a warrant Friday at 3665 Brooks Avenue NE as part of the serial burglary investigation.

Inside they found several laptops, two handguns, jewelry, clothing, shoes, swords, large car parts--including an engine, hood, bumper, and seats from a 2003 Nissan Altima--along with other stolen items.

Police also found two dogs inside, one of which was Precious, a young bull mastiff reported stolen from a South Salem home. Precious was returned to her owners. The other dog, a chihuahua, is in animal control custody.

Between Friday and Tuesday, eight people were arrested in connection with 16 burglaries. Two also face drug charges for methamphetamine found in the home.

The raid happened precisely two years, to the day, after Keizer Police served another search warrant at the same location for the same activity and involving many of the same suspects, Troncoso said.

He said the burglars targeted homes with unlocked doors or windows and without security alarms.

The fact that most of these residences were not secured serves as a good reminder about the importance of practicing effective crime prevention strategies, Troncoso said.

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