PORTLAND -- Why? That's what people are wondering after someone painted the numbers 666 on the outside of a Northeast Portland church.

The graffiti was splashed across the Door of Hope Church at 831 NE Fremont. Pastor Josh White found it Monday morning. He's not sure who did it but he has and idea.

"My gut feeling is probably just teenagers being way too bored, maybe staying up later than they ought to," he said. White did not file a police report.

A contractor has now cleaned up most of the graffiti and White said the rest should be gone soon. He does not believe anyone targeted the church and is not discouraged.

"I just feel like there's so much good happening around here. I was far more discouraged by being at work so late Sunday. Now I just have to paint again," he said.

The graffiti vandal or vandals hit two buildings at about the same time. The bathroom at Irving Park, across the street from the church, and an empty church building at NE 8th and Failing. Both of those buildings also had the numbers 666 painted on them.

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