MOLALLA, Ore. The friends of a Molalla woman who lost her right hand to amputation said Sunday that they intend to raise money for the woman's recovery.

Joan Zuber was stuck in the cold for 18 hours in rural Clackamas County on January 29 and 30 after her hand got stuck under the hood of a truck.

Even though doctors amputated Zuber's hand on Feb. 2, she has kept up a positive attitude.

When I think about the people that look at the glass half empty, it's like Joan looks at it as two-thirds full, said Marilyn Schulz. She's just very positive in the face of whatever.

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Now Zuber, who is not able to work, needs a prosthetic hand. Friends like Schulz have put together a website to raise money to help Zuber get back on her feet.

Those who are interested can contribute here.

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