Speedskating races range from 500 to 10,000 meters

Long track speedskating:

  • the track is a quarter mile long and you could fit two hockey rinks inside it.
  • It has two racing lanes.
  • Skaters change each lap with the outside skater having the right of way.
  • A skaters racing suit must conform to their body.

Short track speedskating:

  • Think NASCAR on ice.
  • Track is 121 yards around and it fits inside a hockey rink.
  • 5-6 skaters compete at once.

Because blades are so sharp all skaters have to wear cut-resistant uniforms

A skater is disqualified if:

  • Two false starts
  • Cut off a competitor
  • Use the wall for balance

The biggest difference in the discipline is the type of skate blade used:

  • Long track skaters use a clap skate.The advantage of this skate is the blade briefly disconnects from the boot allowing the blade to stay on the ice longer and that increases the skater s power
  • Short track skaters do not have a blade that releases at the heel instead skaters can adjust the curve of the blade to help them in their turns

And that s your look at the Rules of the Game

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