PORTLAND-- There are no shortages of social media outlets. But, Reddit, now 8 years old, is coming into its own.

Co-founder Alexis Ohanian was in Portland Friday as part of the Oregonian Plus speakers series.

This is one of 200 stop on Ohanian's Without Permission Tour .

At a sold-out talk at the Turnbull Portland Center, Ohanian recounted the evolution of how Reddit came to be.

Ohanian, along with fellow classmate and best friend Steve Huffman, had lots of ideas including one called umm . A way to use your phone to order food at restaurants. Only problem, the idea preceded smart phone technology.

But, through failure, they duo persisted and came up with Reddit in 2005, a social media platform, a bulletin board for the entire community. The site now has 100 million users.

We just wanted to solve the problem of what was new and interesting on line, like where is a place to find that out 24/7. That's Reddit, said Ohanian.

Ohanian is also in Portland to promote his Wall Street Journal bestseller: Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed .

Ohanian said, it's permission to be your awesome self and pursue your passion. Reddit is now apart of Advanced Publications, owner of the Oregonian and the Portland Business Journal.

Ohanian is on Reddit's board of directors. Alexis and his team wanted to visit Portland for the microbrews and the donuts, not Voodoo, but Bluestar.

Friday night Alexis is giving a talk at Reed College at 7:30PM.

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