PULLMAN, Wash. -- The suspect who was arrested in connection to a blow dart assault on the campus of Washington State University apologized for his actions Thursday.

Joseph Gillies, 18, spoke to KREM 2 New after his first court appearance Thursday. He said he is a moron for shooting people with darts on several occasions this month.

Gillies could not give a reason as to why he allegedly shot four different people with blow darts in Pullman and Ellensburg.

I m sorry it s a huge regret. It s going to stick with me for the rest of my life. It s childish. It s immature. It s ridiculous, said Gillies.

Pullman Police had received a report from a 20-year-old female resident who said she was shot with a dart while standing on the sidewalk of Colorado and Monroe. The dart went through two layers of clothing and stuck into the woman s stomach by about one half of an inch.

The victim was able to pull the dart out and she did not need medical treatment. The dart was similar to the type shot out of a blow dart gun. Surveillance video showed a suspect vehicle driving by around the time the woman was hit.

Pullman Police received a second report on Jan. 14 of a man being struck with a blow dart near Klemgard. The dart went about one-half of an inch deep into the man s back. The dart matched the dart of the first assault.

Detectives learned that there were similar blow dart assault cases in Ellensburg .

Surveillance video of the suspect vehicle in the Ellensburg cases was higher quality than the Pullman video.

Our surveillance video wasn't really good of the car, but theirs was much better, said Tennant.

Gillies said he and his friends practiced shooting darts at objects and at each other for fun.

It wasn t a game. It d just be like, Aww you re not paying attention you get one in the butt. You pull it out, laugh about it and keep going, said Gillies

Citizens provided leads and detectives were able to identify and arrested Gillies. Court documents said Gillies threatened to kill him if he reported him to police.

Gillies will return to the west side, where he lives with his parents, to wait for his next court date.

My mom called me on the phone crying like, Why would you do this? What s going through your head? I just told her 'I got nothing. You got me. I m a moron.' That s what I said to her and she started crying and it sucked, said Gillies.

Gillies said he hopes one day to apologize to each of the victims face to face.

He could face felony charges of assault both in Whitman County and in Ellensburg with a maximum sentence of 5 years in prison.

Gillies was released from jail Thursday and will appear at his next court hearing at the end of the month.

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