SEATTLE -- Fans at Saturday s NFL playoff game between the Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints will be part of a seismic experiment.

University of Washington scientists installed two portable seismometers in the stadium to measure the motion generated by fans during the big game.

Seismologists from the University of Washington's Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN) installed installed one on the ground level and the other on the third deck.

Bill Steele, Director of Information for PNSN, said We're studying how the actions and noise of the fans is transferred into the soft soils around the stadium and how that movement is transferred into the SODO neighborhood.

Steele says it has installed one seismometer on the field and one in the stands.

Seahawks fans have a seismic history. In a 2011 win against the Saints, they generated a enough shaking to move the needle on a seismometer stationed across the street from the stadium.

Members of the University of Washington s Pacific Northwest Seismic Network were astounded. They made international news when they announced the so called Beastquake generated by fans cheering on Marshawn Lynch, AKA The Beast when he scored on an amazing 67-yard run.

Yesterday marked the three year anniversary of that run. Fans and seismologists hope to set a new richter record on Saturday.

Seattle won the game three years ago 41-36.

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