PORTLAND -- Oregon's second largest bank now has a new leader.

Tracy Curtis is the new President for Wells Fargo's operations in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Thursday was her very first day on the job. In fact, it was Tracy's first visit ever to Oregon. She flew in Wednesday from San Francisco where she was the regional President there.

On the 20th floor of the Wells Fargo Tower downtown, she got to survey her office and her new city. Curtis is the first women to fill the role of regional President in Oregon. She's been with Wells Fargo since starting as a teller at a Wells Fargo branch in Yuba City, Calif. 25 years ago when she moved here from England.

Curtis says the banking industry is starting to regain its footing and customer confidence after a very dark period following the housing crisis in 2008.

I think banks images were harmed, maybe for some of the banks around that was a true image, she said. I think it's improved. I think we've done a lot of work in showing customers and the communities that we're here to help them.

As the new President, Curtis is hitting the ground running. One her first day meeting and greeting all the tellers in the lobby at the Wells Fargo Tower in downtown Portland.

Curtis said one area she is excited to continue here is Wells Fargo's interest in community involvement.

And she vows, once she gets settled the beige walls in her office will go. She said, kiddingly, it looks like a boring banker lives here.

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