PORTLAND -- If you're like most people, you've made your New Year's resolution. And if you're like most people, getting fit is number one.

It means big business for exercise equipment companies and area gyms. At Northwest Fitness Supply in Portland, this has been the best year since 2003.

More people are getting on the get-in-shape bandwagon. Many are setting up home workout areas to reach their goals rather than sweating it out In front of others at a gym. Elliptical machines and treadmills are the biggest sellers.

Once you get to New Year s you've had enough of overeating and you've got bad weather that's cold and rainy, said Jeff Hahn, manager at Northwest Fitness Supply. That all equals doing something about it.

Hahn recommended that consumers do their homework and try equipment out before they make big purchases. And if you are thinking about joining a gym, look closely, not only at the cost, but any contracts that may come with it.

Also check to see how close your home is to a gym. Experts advise, if it's more than ten minutes away, you're not likely to use it as often.

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