PORTLAND -- Retailers are hoping for a good return this Christmas -- a return of customers for post holiday deals that is.

There were six fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this season so many retailers are hoping to make up for lost time.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday could be the busiest shopping days of the season. As they did before the holidays, retailers are extending hours and slashing prices up to 75 percent.

For many stores, this is the last chance to move merchandise and increase profits.

At Fred Meyer in Beaverton there was a steady, but not overwhelming, line of shoppers making a return engagement, that is to say, returning merchandise. Most wanted refunds for gifts that were the wrong size or color.

We just brought something back to look for a different size for my wife, said Chris Matsler.

Shoppers were also taking advantage of big discounts off seasonal merchandise and 50 to 60 percent off clothing, especially winter wear.

You pay attention to what things are priced before Christmas and what they are after, so you get the best deal, said Sheri Hestmark of Tillamook.

This is also when lots of Christmas gift cards get spent.

It's something I do the day after Christmas every year, said Steve Piacentini.

It all adds to a retailer s bottom this holiday.

The discounts will continue into January. But keep in mind not everything is discounted.

You'll have to wait until Super Bowl time to see price drop on big screen TVs.

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