LONGVIEW, Wash -- A Longview man s week stranded in the wilderness may have saved his life.

Dick Sturm went missing Sunday. He left his daughter s home in Castle Rock, but never arrived at his in Longview.

You have all kinds of things going through your head, said daughter Julie Nelson. I never gave up hope.

Nobody gave up hope. Family and friends spent the week scouring Cowlitz County.

On Friday, a bow hunter spotted Sturm and his truck at the bottom of an embankment off Germany Creek Road. Nelson says her dad must have taken a wrong turn and slid off the road.

He survived five nights in sub-freezing temperatures on half a Snickers bar, a bottle of water, and his own resourcefulness.

He said he took a credit card and scraped the ice off the hood of his truck, said Nelson. He said he took a paper towel and wiped the window and sucked the water out of the paper towel.

Nelson is not surprised by her dad s will to live. She also understands how this may have happened. She says her dad has been acting strange.

Disoriented, confused, he d gotten lost, she said.

The behavior prompted Nelson to ask doctors to take a thorough look at her dad. Nobody could have imagined what they would find.

Doctors discovered a tumor on Sturm s brain. Nelson is convinced they never would have found it had it not been for the accident.

We wouldn t have been able to convince him to go to the hospital on his own, said Nelson. A blessing in disguise.

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