PORTLAND, Ore. -- Investigators say an abandoned horse found digging in the snow for food near Oregon's Mount Hood has been rescued.

An Oregon Transportation Department crew found the animal Thursday morning near Highway 26, according to a spokeswoman for the rescue group Sound Equine Options. The horse was found pawing at the ground, possibly looking for food.

Sound Equine Options took hay to the spot where the horse was last seen and the horse was there waiting when they returned Friday. They were able to load the horse into a trailer.

Temporarily named St. Nick, the horse is being observed at a Portland equine hospital.

The spokeswoman said St. Nick seems to be around 5 years old. He had a wound on his face and was very skittish around people.

After St. Nick is released from the equine hospital, Sound Equine Options will train him and search for a good permanent home for the horse.

Wasco County Sheriff's Office was investigating the incident.

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