PORTLAND A Portland family is working to raise money for their daughter, 21-month-old Poppy, who needs surgery for a rare genetic disorder called Apert Syndrome, which causes fingers to fuse and other skeletal problems.

Last year, Noelle Myers held a fundraiser by selling Christmas trees. The money raised was enough for the family to fly to Texas and meet with a specialist who said he could separate Poppy s fingers.

But then, the family said they got a letter from Social Security, informing them that they were no longer eligible for benefits. Myers said the fundraising money ended up cutting them off from their only source of income.

This year, the family is once again asking to give Poppy a hand, and they set up a trust to make sure all the money goes to Poppy s medical expenses.

We raised enough money last year to get her to a specalist in Dallas, Texas, Myers said. Our next step is to get her five fingers on each hand. We're hoping to sell enough Christmas trees to put a dent in $60,000 and hopefully get her what she deserves.

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The family has 300 trees selling for $35 each. The trees will be for sale at their home at 3122 SE Walta Vista Court in Milwaukie.

The family also set up a crowd funding website for donations.

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