PORTLAND An online gaming company is looking for a few good Portland gamers to add to its ranks.

Kixeye, which is based in San Francisco, recently opened an office in Portland.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony officially welcomed the tech company to the historic Yeon building downtown.

The Portland offices house a customer support team for video gamers worldwide. It s not a typical office setting, even by Portland s standards.

To be hired as support staff, workers have to prove they know the games inside and out.

There are just a lot of smart people in Portland we were interested in and working with, said Brandon Barber, Chief Marketing Officer for Kixeye.

Most of Kixeye s games are called freemiums, which means they can be played for free, but players pay for the ability to move through the game faster or unlock special features.

It s part of a growing number of similar companies in Portland, due in part to an increase in tax incentives for video gaming businesses through the Oregon Office of TV and Film.

Right now, Kixeye has 15 employees in Portland. By year s end, they hope to add ten more and project to eventually employ 100 people in the Rose City.

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