PORTLAND -- Crews spent 90 minutes cutting the driver free after a pickup truck hit a freeway sign Monday night along the southbound lanes of Interstate 5 in Portland, fire officials said.

A witness saw the crash and called 911 before running over to help.

He was afraid, witness Geoffrey Allison said of the trapped driver. There was the smell of gasoline, and there was glass all over the place.

Allison tried using a Swiss army knife to cut the driver free, but it didn't work.

He was actually hanging outside of the double doors, Allison said. Everything was just all contorted inside.

Allison captured on video the tense moments just after the crash (above).

Rescuers arrived and used hydraulic spreading tools to create an opening large enough to remove the man.

He was conscious when he was taken to Oregon Health & Science University Hospital in Portland with serious injuries.

The cause of the crash was being investigated.

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