VANCOUVER -- A Vancouver councilwoman has filed a lawsuit claiming she has been partially blind since she was hit in the face with an errant stress ball during a 2011 conference, according to a newspaper report.

The Columbian reported that councilwoman Jeanne Harris is suing the city of Ridgefield and its mayor, Ron Onslow, who tossed the ball during the 2011 Association of Washington Cities conference.

Onslow told the Columbian he meant to toss the Nerf-like ball to a Ridgefield councilman, but Harris leaned in and it hit her in the face.

Harris said her retina was partially detached and seven subsequent surgeries have failed to correct the blurriness, pain and discomfort in her left eye.

The lawsuit is an extension of an insurance claim Harris filed last year. Her attorney told the newspaper damages could exceed $500,000.

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