VANCOUVER The Columbia River Crossing project may be dead, but it s still front and center in the Vancouver mayor's race.

The mega project was killed by the Washington Legislature, but current mayor Tim Leavitt said he strongly supports reviving it.

Straight Talk: Vancouver's mayoral candidates talk CRC, tolls and taxes

I don t think anyone wants to pay tolls, but the reality is we need this infrastructure project, Leavitt said. And tolls are a user-based fee. It s an effective way to pay the local share and needs to be done to move the project forward.

He said many local businesses are counting on the project.

His opponent, city councilor Bill Turlay, said he s against the project unless the federal government provides more money.

We can't put it on the backs of our commuters here in Southwest Washington, he said.

In addition to the mayor s race in Clark County Tuesday, voters will also decide on several non-binding advisory votes related to the CRC project.

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