CORBETT, Ore -- Students in Corbett may soon have a new requirement in order to graduate from High School. The Superintendent of the Corbett School District wants college admission to be mandatory in order for students to get their High School diplomas.

The proposal unanimously passed a first reading by the Corbett School Board. Under the new requirement, posted on the district s website, Students first enrolled in grade 9 during the 2013-14 school year must be admitted to a post secondary degree granting entity in order to graduate.

The requirement does not, however, require students to actually attend college. They simply have to apply and be accepted. It s something the Principal at Corbett High School said is about giving kids options.

Maybe it sounds like when we say apply and be accepted, we're saying attend, said Principal Phillip Pearson. Those are different things. I mean, I applied to several schools and didn't go to any of them. I went to U of O, so, that's not unusual.

Principal Pearson said critics assume the District is mandating students go to college, when in fact, the intention is about giving students education options.

I think it just feels like perhaps we're requiring you, Pearson said. That's not the intention. The intention is to expand options so you just have a lot of different things you can choose from.

He said the cost of applying to college can get expensive, so if students cannot afford to apply, the District will cover the cost of applying to Mt. Hood Community College.

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