BELLINGHAM, Wash - A block party turned into a clash between hundreds of college students and Bellingham Police late Saturday.

Bellingham Police say the riot started after 9:30 p.m. while officers were breaking up a large block party at an apartment complex near Jersey Street. Police say drunken students started throwing bottles and cans at them.


Officers say the disturbance drew students from other parties to get involved in the riot.

Police in riot gear used smoke and flash-bangs and pepper spray to disperse the large crowd.

It's still not known how much damage was done and if anyone was injured in the incident.

I came to WWU this year as a freshman. I have never liked parties, drinking, and drugs, and part of the reason I came here was because WWU isn't known as a party school. Last night, however, some students tarnished the image of our university, and I and many others are disappointed for it, said one student.

The vast majority of students in Bellingham are good and law abiding people. In the end, I am happy the police were professional and that no one got killed. I hope that last night was the first and LAST time that anything like that will happen again.

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