PORTLAND -- A Southeast Portland man died after he was struck by a car Friday morning at Southeast Division Street and 156th Avenue.

Police said 25-year-old Joseph Stone was in a marked crosswalk at the time. Witnesses said some drivers stopped for Stone.

The driver who hit him did not. Police did not cite the driver.

Mechanic Joe Biagi was working next door at Portland's Pit Stop and heard the crash. He ran over to help Stone.

Try to comfort him a little bit, I don't know if he could hear me or anything, he was breathing but he wasn't conscious, said Biagi.

Neighbors said it's the kind of accident or close call they see all the time near the crosswalk. Pedestrians struck, or drivers rear-ending other drivers who stop for pedestrians.

Two times when I've tried crossing, there were accidents that happened where I was, said Mary Ann Halogen.

I'd like to see a light put up, said Portland's Pitstop owner, Nic Billings. Some kind of flashing signal that lets people know that they need to slow down and stop.

Portland s Bureau of Transportation has identified the part of Division near the crosswalk as a high crash corridor, citing 23 crashes and 2 deaths, including Stone's, over the last five years.

Installing a Rapid Flashing Beacon light is absolutely a possibility in that area, said PBOT spokesperson Diane Dulken. It's a possibility for 156th or 157th in that area, so we're taking a look at that whole corridor and specifically at that location.

Stone's friend, Katie Zilk, came to lay flowers at the crosswalk, to honor her friend, and draw attention to what she called a bigger safety problem.

Anywhere [east of] 92nd avenue, the crosswalks are very unsafe, Zilk said. I feel like [the city] needs to spend more money to help people in this area, so this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Dulken said PBOT is seeking feedback from community members, as they move forward with plans to improve safety in their neighborhoods.

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