WEST LINN, Ore. -- A man got his laptop back and two people are now behind bars thanks to some high-tech software and some old-fashioned police work.

Someone stole Jordan Winthrop's computer from his car last week. But he had tracking software installed, which was programmed to take pictures of whoever turned it on.

So when the suspected thieves tried to break-in to another car Tuesday, it didn't take long for police to connect the dots.

When the officer asked for ID, (the suspect) pulled out an empty, beat-up old wallet and the officer got to thinking it matched the description of a wallet that had been stolen out of a car up on 11th street, said Sgt. David Kempas of the West Linn Police Department.

The officer then showed the two suspects the pictures taken from Winthrop s laptop, and they told the officer where to find the man in the photos.

Inside that man s apartment, Kempas said officers found the laptop and several more gadgets they believe could also be stolen.

They arrested the pair for the break-in. But they had yet to locate the man in the photos.

Background: Laptop thief's every move tracked with software

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