MILWAUKIE, Ore --A TriMet driver used her bus to catch a runaway dog Tuesday, TriMet officials said.

Jack Russell Terrier, Sara Lee, escaped her Milwaukie home about 3:30 p.m. Tuesday and began running amuck in the neighborhood.

When TriMet bus 75 came plodding down Southeast 32nd Avenue, driver Leanne Terhune noticed the roving little rover and her frantic owner Coral Cox.

Terhune, a dog lover and owner of two precious pups of her own, thought she might be able to help.

I saw the fear in (Cox) face and I thought maybe I could go up and see if she (the dog) would get on the bus, said Terhune. Every time I open the car door at home, my dogs jump in wanting to go for a ride.

A few blocks later, Terhune pulled the bus up next to Sara Lee and tried to coax the canine inside for a ride. Surprisingly it worked, said Terhune.

Coral Cox quickly caught up and recovered the critter.

I got on and a passenger had a hold of my dog's collar-- what a relief, explained Cox. The bus driver that helped me rescues my very much appreciated.

Because the street is narrow, the bus wasn t able to pull out of traffic during the rescue. But TriMet said other drivers could see what was going on and didn t seem to mind the brief delay.

After all, the transit agency said in a statement. Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee

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