AUBURN, Wash. - An Auburn couple accused of giving their infant son methadone now faces criminal charges.

King County prosecutors say Stacie McKay and Darin Teeters fed their six-week-old baby methadone earlier this month. The boy became very sick and was rushed to Seattle Children's where doctors discovered the poisoning.

The parents said the mother put methadone in the child's milk to help him with withdrawals and pain from his circumcision.

Neighbor Karen Pierce said she has known the couple for more than a year.

When I found out she had done this, it was very devastating, said Pierce.

Police said both parents are in jail because Teeter eventually admitted that McKay had talked with him about putting methadone in the milk. Teeters fed the baby the bottle, and the infant had trouble breathing as a result, according to court documents. Neither Teeters or McKay called 911. It reportedly took 25-30 minutes before the decision was made to drive the baby to the hospital. The baby is expected to recover.

The pair are due in court October 7.

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