PORTLAND -- A Northeast Portland Mom is on a mission to raise money for medical research. She s inspired by a love for her daughters and her own breast cancer diagnosis two years ago.

I realized because of family history, my two children might face this same thing and the 'mama lioness' instinct came out in me. I knew I had to do something, said Molly Lindquist.

What she did was start a website that allows you to donate money which can go directly to a project of your choice. She calls it Consano, which is Latin for healing.

Molly and Consano are helping bring patients in as partners in the research process, explained Dr. Charles Keller with Oregon Health and Science University.

Keller's Consano project is raising the funding needed for an attachment to a microscope used to study muscle cancer in children. His is among almost a dozen research projects on the site to choose from.

The protects were selected by a scientific review board made up of 28 experts. You lose control when you have cancer with all the treatments and their side effects. I wanted to bring some control back and say 'this is where my money will go,' remarked Molly.

Donors receive regular updates on the research project they support. The projects currently cover cancer, lung transplant and diabetes research. In the 6 months since it was started, Consano has raised $50,000.

I think back to when I was on the couch, exhausted from chemo and I know other people are going through that now. I just hope my story in some way can provide a spark and let them know it will be okay, concluded Molly.

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