In the digital world we all live in, it seems everybody is taking pictures with their phones and posting them online for the world to see.

But how safe are those postings? And could your online activity put your family at risk?

Most parents capture their little one's cuteness every chance they get.

I take pictures and post them and let your friends know what's going on, said Akisha Weatherbee, a parent.

But there's a new concern in the online world about sharing your photos with the world. It's called geotracking and it uses metadata in your phone's camera to stamp technical information onto every picture you take and share.

A lot of these devices are recording the location and that's why parents should be really alarmed, says KGW technical expert Brian M. Westbrook. It can get into the wrong hands, can show where your children are, those that aren't supposed to get that information coulde learn where your children are.

Westbrook says through metadata, exact locations are attached to your photos. The geotracking is accurate to about 40 feet, anywhere in the world. A danger, he said, in divorces, custody battles, abuse cases and crimes against children.

And it is accurate. KGW took photos of Weatherbee and her two daughters and was able to track it to The Fields Neighborhood Park in the Pearl District. Weatherbee says it's disturbing and unsettling.

Having somebody be able to track your kids wherever they are without you knowing it, I mean that's a great concern, said Weatherbee.

Parent Mira Abellera, who rarely posts pictures of her daughter, agreed. I can see why people would want to be protective of their children and not want people who don't want them to find their children, to find them, Abellara told Newschannel 8.

Getting the information to extract locations through geotracking is not rocket science. It is a simple program found on the web. You can download it and immediately store location information.

It doesn't require a computer science degree, said Westbrook. It doesn't require a lot of hacking, it doesn't require a lot of technical expertise in order to get at this information.

The good news is, you can stop geotracking and keep your privacy private.

Instructions are below - but keep in mind that if you turn it off, some features, such as creating digital albums based on specific locations, won't work. But for some parents, that may be a trade-off worth making.

If you want to disable geotracking, follow this step-by-step tutorial.

Step 1 -- go to Settings

Step 2 click on Privacy

Step 3 click on Location Services

Step 4 turn off Camera location

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