PORTLAND Some military bases nationwide are increasing security after shootings killed at least 13 people at the Washington Naval Yard Monday.

Patrols were tightened and an extra security guard was posted Monday outside the 142nd Fighter Wing of the Oregon Air National Guard in Portland, but officials there said they believe the shootings in D.C. were isolated.

The F-15 crews at Portland's base provide air defense for the West Coast, from Canada to Central California. Colonel Paul Fitzgerald told KGW the base security team is always on a heightened sense of alert.

We're very aware that we could be a target at any point and I'd just say again, our members are ready and they practice this all the time, he said. We train in a variety of events all the time and we feel we're very well-prepared.

Fitzgerald added that many members of his security team are also police officers in local agencies. He feels that this outside expertise makes the base even more secure.

Retired officers at the Navy Operational Support Center in Portland agreed that the shootings were probably contained within the Washington Naval Yard and not likely to spread throughout the country.

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