WALDPORT, Ore. A Texas man shot at a gas station attendant with a pellet gun Friday morning after he was told that he could not pump his own gas.

Leroy Davis, 32, of Texas got into an argument with a gas station attendant at Bill s Chevron Service Station in Waldport, Ore. after the attendant told him that he could not pump his own gas, said Sgt. Adam Shanks of the Lincoln County Sheriff s Office.

According to Shanks, Davis then shot at the attendant with a plastic pellet gun. When the attendant asked Davis to leave the station, Davis pulled out one knife in each hand and yelled at the attendant.

Davis left the station after the attendant said he called the Sheriff s Office.

Deputies arrested Davis and charged him with menacing, unlawful use of a weapon, trespassing and possession of marijuana-hashish. He was taken to the Lincoln County Jail.

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