PORTLAND -- Portland Commissioner Steve Novick announced Tuesday that the city was ending a 10-year parking meter contract early because it was burdened with the history of bribery.

The 10-year contract was negotiated in 2006 under Portland parking manager Ellis McCoy, the city s former parking manager. McCoy later admitted taking $164,500, plus $20,000 in gifts of travel, from an executive at Cale Parking Systems.

While the pricing and service of this contract were a good deal for Portland, it s a contract under a cloud, Novick said.

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Novick said his decision will likely delay the Northwest Parking Plan, which was proposed under Mayor Sam Adams in 2012 and approved by the city council last week.

As many as 200 parking meters were planned for the business district along Northwest 21st and Northwest 23rd avenues, with installation planned for January 2014.

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Now, that installation is on hold until the city can go through the bidding process again and select a a new vendor.

Bribery is pretty darn serious stuff, Novick told KGW. It's time to step up and say, 'Look, we take this situation seriously and we are better off starting fresh for new meters.


KGWReporter Ashley Korslien contributed to this report.

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