HOUSTON -- A Texas woman who paid to be choppered off Mount St. Helens told a Houston television station that she had been suffering from hypothermia as she took a tumble on the descent.

Nancy Allen, 48, climbed to the summit with her daughter Sarah Allen, 18, and slipped on patch of ice, falling about 15 feet, she told NBC affiliate KPRC.

Background: Injured Texas woman hires chopper to pluck her off Mt. St. Helens

After the tumble, she realized her injuries were not that serious and they continued the descent.

I was becoming hypothermic and I did not want to tell my daughter, but she was already very worried, Nancy Allen.

They decided to call for help and to their horror, Sarah Allen dropped her cellphone, which went tumbling down an icy pitch. Fortunately, they had a second phone and called for help, they told the station.

After several hours, they shouted continually, hoping rescuers could hear them. Finally a rescuer named Sergio spotted them, reassuring them that they were now safe, according to the KPRC report.

That feeling of knowing you're going to be okay, Sarah Allen told the station, after that feeling like you were going to die the second before, it was amazing.

Nancy Allen was placed into a litter by rescuers. On the descent, she decided to abandon that effort and call for a private helicopter to take her and her daughter off the mountain.

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