PORTLAND -- The Oregon Department of Justice has already contacted several Multnomah County employees about speaking with investigators as early as next week, while the Oregon Attorney General's Office looks into any possible criminal wrongdoing by Multnomah County Chairman Jeff Cogen.

Investigators want to find out if Cogen misused county resources or abused his power during a nearly two-year affair with former county health worker Sonia Manhas.

The Attorney General's Office declined to comment on the case. But previous state investigations could provide insight.

In 2009, the Oregon Department of Justice looked into the relationship between Portland Mayor Sam Adams and a teenage intern. In that case, state investigators spoke with 57 witnesses. They also examined personal email accounts, phone records and text messages. The state investigation lasted six months and no charges were filed.

Many legal observers predict a similar outcome from the Cogen investigation.

Based on what we've seen so far, I think it is unlikely that charges would be filed, said Lewis & Clark Law professor Tung Yin. It seems more likely that there would be some sort of statement or report about inappropriate activities or guidelines were not followed.

On Thursday morning, Cogen said he would not resign despite pressure from his fellow members of the county board of commissioners.

Timeline: Jeff Cogen scandal

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